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Piping Installation

The Best People

The craftsmen are the front-line to any piping installation, and we have the best in the business. Our welders are certified for a large variety of metallurgies through ASME Section IX. We work hundreds of thousands of piping man-hours each year, enabling us to maintain a highly-skilled workforce familiar with both our procedures and our commitment to quality. Each apprentice receives a minimum of 5 years of schooling in the finest facilities available to the pipefitting industry. They are truly the best craftsmen available for your labor dollar.

Process Construction Cargil coils

Experienced, Effective Project Management

We have experienced project managers, designers, field supervision, and craftsmen knowledgeable in the specific needs of the industry. Pre-planning by experienced field supervision working with our capable project managers and designers eliminates surprises and assures a quality installation. Our field supervisory people are knowledgeable in every aspect of piping and equipment installation. They make certain the field personnel, tools, materials, and equipment are on-site and ready to be utilized as they are needed. They have the authority to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and understand the importance of minimizing plant off-line time.

From Start to Finish

We build to customer specifications or partner in turnkey installations. We can offer a cost effective mechanical solution by working with engineers in those turnkey installs. With flow sheets, general layouts, equipment, and specialty selections we can generate a 3D intelligent model, assist in constructability review and perform the mechanical installation. We manage subcontractors as required for our scope, including insulation, electrical, structural, civil and millwrights.

Process Construction Interior Piping Installation

Range of Experience

Process Construction enjoys great success in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, power, food, distillery, automotive and petrochemical industries. Our project lists include a large range of piping projects for most of the major industrial customers in the Greater Cincinnati area. Irrespective of your project's requirements in terms of time frame, safety concerns, size, material types, or demands for quality, you can be sure Process Construction, Inc. is up to the challenge. 

Where We Work

The main focus of our piping installation work is in the Cincinnati area. We have a strong history of completing quality jobs and continue to perform work in Southern Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. However, we can and have provided seasoned supervision to manage projects throughout the Midwest.

Getting the Job Done

Here at Process Construction, we are experts at safely completing any piping installation. Whether your equipment installation involves helicopter lifts, hydraulic jacks and skates or cranes, Process Construction has the expertise to safely and efficiently set it. We have experienced highly trained riggers within our workforce who have "been there and done that". Past rigging projects include: distillation columns, boilers, chillers, tanks, large O.D. pipe, modular skids, chillers, heat exchangers and compressors. We can get all equipment and pipe installed safely and in a timely manner.


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