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Our Team


At PCI Services, our team is what defines us. We feel we’re the best in our industry because we have the best people. Our staff doesn’t just possess talent, they care about their work and are willing to put in the effort to help our customers achieve their goals. 

Our daily decisions are based on principles in which we pride ourselves on, including:

  • Performing work right the first time, on time, and every time. 

  • Treating others as we want to be treated. 

  • Being individually powered to make changes.

  • Valuing the contribution and well-being of every member of our team. 

  • Earning an honest day’s pay only for an honest day’s work.

  • Differentiating ourselves from our competition not just by what we do but how we do it. 

Our highly skilled and hard-working welders, pipefitters, plumbers, and HVAC technicians in Cincinnati are willing to do the dirty work. Whatever challenges the job calls for, they’re prepared to perform when others won’t. Long hours and difficult conditions are just another part of the job. They take great pride in their work and are extremely skilled in their field. We are confident that you’re getting the very best quality from our outstanding team in the field and fabrication shop.

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Our Leadership Team

Fabricated Systems

Our fabricated system leaders have a vast knowledge in the world of design and operations of mechanical skids. This leadership group has the connections and knowledge to select the appropriate equipment and engineering background to ensure the skid has a flawless design. They see these projects through from start to finish and work with the customer all of the way through to handle all unexpected changes.

Custom Piping

Our Piping, Estimating, and Project Management Staff possesses nearly 200 years of experience and can handle any needs from ongoing plant maintenance to large expansions. With vast welding knowledge, experience and certifications we can oversee nearly any welding challenge presented from exotic material to confined space and difficult locations required. The staff on custom piping projects work to provide estimates and support to our customers for all their mechanical piping needs. This group has the field experience combined with estimating and project management knowledge to partner with our customers to see their projects are completed successfully and / or that plants will run efficiently.

A group photo of the HVAC team at PCI Services


In an industry that is wide ranging, the leadership of our HVAC division shines with diverse skillsets. Their equipment knowledge, experience and dedication is vital in leading this 24/7 group to success. We have a leadership team with over 100 years of experience that includes working on controls, chillers, cooling towers, roof top units, air handlers, and just about any type of heating and cooling equipment out there.


Hard work and devotion is what describes our plumbing management. This team knows the disruption that plumbing problems can cause and they will drop anything at any time to ensure our plumbing staff gets any emergency taken care of. They also have decades of field experience in the new build / ground up industry. From digging to set and finish, this leadership team has done it all and can lead your project to a successful completion.


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